Aug 22, 2014

San Francisco – Japantown

On my second day, I was still on east coast time so I was out the door by like 8 am. I went to check out the “Full House” park, which was just around the corner from my hotel. Too bad one of the houses was covered up.


It was still really early, so I sat in the park, drank coffee, and did some knitting while I waited for the city to wake up. I was solo again so I didn’t get a cheesy picture of me sitting on the lawn just like in the opening.

PS – every morning that I woke up, I thought about this: Waaaake up San Francisco!
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Aug 21, 2014

San Francisco – Golden Gate Park

Sorry for the delay! Not only was I having a server problem, WordPress even ate the drafts that I had saved.

The first morning in San Francisco (Saturday), I woke up alone so I figured I’d get in my assigned long run. Luckily my hotel was close to Golden Gate Park and the route was pretty flat.

What I noticed first about going to the park, was that it smelled really good! The woodsy, damp, piney smell mixed with some flowers was just awesome. I was jogging along, thinking about how this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, especially once you get onto the side trails.


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Aug 18, 2014

Gone fishin’

I’m having server problems. I’ll catch you up on my San Francisco adventures when I return!

Aug 15, 2014

Losing mental weight

This week I purged my closet of the remaining size 10 dresses and jackets. I was wearing them even though they were loose but now it’s to the point where they really are too big. My 8′s are loose too but I can’t get rid of those yet because then I wouldn’t have enough clothes. I hope someone at goodwill gets good use out of it. Man, I remember not too long ago walking into some designer stores that I coveted – AllSaints, Nanette Lepore, Kate Spade, and I literally had to try on the largest size in the store – which was a size 12. And none of it looked good on me. Meanwhile, I never felt fabulous enough or pretty enough to be plus-size fabulous like Gabi Fresh who just OWNS at life. When I look at other people I don’t think about their size at all, so why do I have this stupid fear that people are thinking about my looks?

My friend and I were reminiscing about old times, and I was thinking about my teenage self compared to today. It’s funny how when I was 14-18, I’d think “that boy is so hot but out of my league/he would never like me.” But knowing what I know today, it’s like dude you totally could have bagged that. All of it. To you single ladies, get it. Men are not as superficial as we think they are. They are not nearly as judgmental as we are about ourselves and each other.

I am very close to finally not being considered “overweight” on the BMI scale. For my height, a “normal” weight is supposed to be 98 (hah) – 128 lbs. I feel good now at 130. I think 125 is a realistic weight for me to settle at. However, I just cant seem to get it out of my head that when I was this same exact height in high school and 115 lb with no muscle, people always told me that I was chubby! I remember certain instances where complete strangers had said it.

I’ve made a lot of mental progress, so I hope I can grow out of that mindset. I know that my body will always be curvy and I’ll never be able to be one of those hipster waifs wearing braless crop tops at American Apparel. But I’m 30, so I don’t need to be a braless hipster and I’ve accepted that my proportions are what they are. There is an assumption that every women wants a “bikini body.” For fucks sake, I could wear a bikini right now but I don’t even want to. I’ve tried some on recently, and I decided it’s just not my style, not in my personality. I’m cool with that. I’ll be the old lady in the tankini or one piece for the next 50 years and I don’t currr.

When I first started running, I repeated to myself in my head, “This feels awesome. I love running. I want to keep running forever” even though I felt like dying and only 30 seconds had passed. Self hypnosis, guys. It totally works. Now I am trying to have an inner monologue in my everyday life, just walking down the street. That mantra is “I own this. I don’t give a fuck.” It’s extreme, a little ridiculous, but I need it to drown out my constant self doubt.

Aug 13, 2014

Considering a 2015 marathon

This is kind of insane but I’m toying with the idea of a marathon in 2015, especially since I have Jeff as my running coach and the price goes down when you are a repeat client. Even though my goal for Disney was just to finish, I really felt like I could have done at least 15 minutes faster.


Or managed the crowd better so that I didn’t accidentally run 27.2 miles instead of 26.2


If I should have finished 15 mins faster back then, does that mean I can finish 30 mins faster next year since I am a better runner???

Possibilities on my list are Philly, Portland (Oregon), Marine Corps, or LA. Before I got the last minute entry to Disney, I was thinking about doing the LA marathon. The net downhill is pretty sweet. They have pace groups going all the way up to 7 hours. The timing of the race could be good; I’d have solid base since I’m paid up for coaching through December.

Portland is another good beginner course and a place I’ve been wanting to visit. Probably the only one I could convince Brian to travel for. However,  the time change between east and west was rough on me, so maybe a west coast marathon might not be a smart move. Marine Corps 2014 is all booked up but November 2015 gives me a ton of time to plan. Plus even if I don’t get in, the charity bibs aren’t that expensive. Philadelphia (2015) is close to home, not as large as the others, and doesn’t sell out in minutes. On the flip side it doesn’t look very flat. One caveat of waiting for a fall 2015 marathon is that And then the idea of November 2015 is that… I might have other ideas on my mind around that time.

Any other ideas for a Spring 2015 marathon that would be a good for slowpokes?


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