That time I didn’t run the Marine Corps Marathon

Hey! Sorry it’s been so long. I was really unhappy for my first few weeks in DC, and then my injury happened which made me even more sad. I was on crutches for about a week, and after that even walking too much would irritate my ankle. I tried KT tape for the first time and that actually helped a lot.


The week of the marathon was tough; every hour I waffled in my decision as to whether I could walk the marathon but ultimately decided I shouldn’t. I went to the marathon expo anyway to pick up my packet, do some shopping, and most importantly, see my coach Jeff Galloway! I even had to wait in line to talk to him. I don’t know why but I almost cried when I met him – not from fan-girling but because I was so sad and kind of embarrassed about not being able to do the marathon. Jeff was gracious and supportive as always though.


So now I’m about one month out from the crutches. Last week I started up with:

5 mins warm up
20 mins of 15 secs run / 45 secs walk
5 mins cool down

Even that little bit of running, I could feel towards the end that I was pushing it a little too much and could feel the inflammation flaring up. I took 3 days off, and did it again this week but increased it to 30 mins of the run/walk portion. I feel a tiny but of a flare but it feels much better than last week. I’m so happy that I can finally do a little bit of something, even though it’s not much. I haven’t done any exercising in a month and I feel like I’m turning into that green blobby guy from Flubber.

I also did yoga last week. I haven’t done yoga in forever and it felt really good. Oh, and the fact that it was in a brewery helped a lot, lol. Three Stars Brewing held a yoga class right in the middle of the their tasting room on a Saturday morning, with beer afterwards. How can you say no to that?

yoga at 3 Stars Brewing

I’m settling into my new DC life a bit better now, especially since my dude helped me organize all of my crap, hang things on the walls, and made it feel more like a home. Hopefully you’ll have better updates from now on.


Marathon Training and Life Updates

Sorry it’s been in a while! During the past month I have:

  • dug myself out of tissue paper and moving boxes
  • went to Hawaii for the first time in my life
  • saw my husband for two weekends, one of those was in Hawaii
  • ran my final long run for the Marine Corps marathon
  • gained 5 lbs (over the past 2 months)

and then this…


Needless to say, I’m extremely upset about it. A few days after my long run, my ankle started to hurt and then swelled up (is that a word?) and I couldn’t walk on it. They said to stay on crutches for 5 days, until I can see the sports doc. My appointment with the sports doc is only 9 days before the marathon, so I’m 90% sure she’s going to tell me I can’t do the race. I’m annoyed, frustrated, and heartbroken, nevermind the fact that I paid almost $300 for the race + coaching fees.

The weight gain also adds to my depression. In the weeks leading up to my move, I wasn’t cooking and everyone was taking me out to dinners, and I skipped workouts for those dinners. Then I moved and I just didn’t feel like cooking, and I haven’t gotten into a life routine yet of gym time, dinner time, etc. My workout buddies are gone and there’s no one to hold me accountable. As a result, my clothes feel snug and I don’t like it.

This is my public pledge to do what’s good for me: to get back to sweating, get back to blogging, eat better food. Oh, and to make friends! Life sucks here with no spouse and no friends.

Eat the Bear

EtB is a fitness supplement brand that doesn’t just want to promise you eight-pack abs; they believe in wellness for everyone in all phases of life. Their company story emphasizes that we are all faced with obstacles, but when you “Eat the Bear” before it eats you, you are in control. When I read their principle that “Life is too short not to prioritize your own personal well-being” it immediately resonated with why I chose to take control of my weight. That’s why I was totally excited to participate in their blogger interview about how I prepare for my workouts.

[Read more…]

What the freekeh?

Have you heard of freekeh? It’s the hottest superfood of the moment. Apparently it’s one of those grains that is so old, it’s new again. (Freekah is an “ancient grain,” wheat before we had wheat). I had the opportunity to try it out for the first time thanks to Freekeh Foods.

freekeh foods

They sent me two packs, one flavored and one plain. Since it was my first time cooking it, I started with the pre-seasoned Rosemary-Sage flavor. It came in handy last month when I was busy preparing for my move and needed quick, simple pantry dinner.
freekeh foods
My first impression of the freekah was that it looked exactly like the grains my husband uses for brewing beer. I cooked it up exactly the way you would cook rice, using chicken broth instead of water. Then I doctored it up by adding fresh veggies – zucchini, tomatoes, kale, and leftover chicken. It still tasted a little bland so I added some more salt, balsamic vinegar, and dried basil. It should be noted that for a pre-packaged food, it is pretty low in sodium. I’d rather have something have not enough salt than too much, you know?
freekeh foods
The texture was like eating brown rice, but much heartier. I’m glad I made it a one-bowl meal instead of as a side dish; I think it would have made a heavy meal otherwise. By the way, it’s got a whopping 6g protein and 4g fiber per serving, better than quinoa. I think that because it’s so nutritionally dense and filling, this would be a great food to pre-cook and take camping. The way I cooked this up it tasted fine warm or cold so it’s would be anice fresh picnic option. If you need a more precise recipe than my “toss with vegetables and balsamic” suggestion, here’s a delicious sounding recipe for Freekeh Chickpea Salad. I think I’ll need a couple more tries to figure out the best way to season it. If you have any tips, or if you’ve tried freekeh, leave a comment!
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Hello, DCA

It’s been a crazy month and the last two weeks were even crazier. I’ve officially moved out of my apartment in Rhode Island, left my old office, and I’m here in DC waiting for a new chapter to start.

In the meantime, I’m feeling like a flat blob due to nonstop going-away dinners with different people. I am terrified to see what the scale says; I’m probably the heaviest I’ve been in more than year. Lucky me, these pounds are here just in time for my trip to Hawaii in two weeks. Life fail.

On my drive down the mid-Atlantic, I made a detour through Pennsylvania because I wanted to see Amish folks. I thought about taking a tour or visiting a tourist attraction “museum” but they all sounded really stupid. So, I picked a couple of random places to stop and took sideroads to get there. Mission accomplished, I drove through and saw Amish people going about their daily business.

amish buggy

I also saw many horse-drawn buggies! I felt sorry for these people that they’re just trying to live their life, struggling against modernity, while jerk tourists (yes I include myself) are here inserting themselves in their lives and gawking at them.

I arrived in DC on Tuesday and am camped at a hotel until further notice. It’s been a week since the movers picked up my belongings and they haven’t been able to give me an exact day of when they’re going to deliver it all. All I have is a 10 day window, when I have to make myself available to be there when it’s delivered, even though I’ll only get 24 hours notice. I’m stressing out to the max, especially since I have to go to work on the 10th day. It’s killing me that I get all these days off of work and I can’t enjoy it because I’m stressing about setting up my new house and stalking the moving truck.

Until then, let me know if you have any ideas on things that I must do in DC and VA!