Sep 2, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

I am back from a weekend of nonstop eating, I mean camping. The carbfest started Friday night actually because I was craving pizza. After all of my summer travels, pizza at home is still the best ever.


I was camping in Connecticut over the weekend. This is my… 4th camping trip, 4th year in a row and it was definitely the weirdest trip. First of all, the camping at Hammonasset Beach is like camping in a parking lot. Like tailgating. Not many trees (since it’s on the shore) and the sites are right next to each other. I was there with a huge group and the food came out nonstop. The best thing about chilling with people of different backgrounds is all of the delicious foods: ribs, lettuce wraps, steak, chicken satay, summer rolls, pork shoulder with spanish rice, pandan cake, even a vat of rice noodle soup for a midnight snack. The worst thing about that many people is it’s more exhausting than usual.

I somehow managed to get in my 8 mile running assignment. The conditions were all wrong from the beginning. The day before my run, I didn’t drink enough water, ate too many carbs, I barely got any sleep because that’s how camping is, and I had a charlie horse in the middle of the night so I woke up with a sore calf. I’m sure the Johnny Walker and sake the night before also didn’t help.


Despite being in a state park just yards from the ocean, the run was not very scenic. First I had to get out of the tent city. There were very short segments of bike and walking paths, but mostly it was just running on the shoulder (top right of the photo). Miraculously, I did exactly 8 miles and even met my time goal but I was wiped out the whole rest of the day. Paying attention to my diet and things I do before my distance runs is eye opening. When I was in San Francisco, I did 8 miles and walked another 10 throughout the day but after being ill prepared this weekend, I did not have the energy for anything.

It rained the last day, as usual for whenever I go camping. For some reason even though this was the most city-like camping I’ve done, this was the dirtiest I ever felt. As we drove home, I asked Brian if we could check into the hotel at Foxwoods instead of going home. I even quickly looked up the rates and the price was right. But boohoo, I did not have Tuesday off so we kept driving and I had to pretend my own bed was a luxury hotel. I had the best shower, the best nap, and then I ended summer with the best summer-iest thing ever. Dinner at a clam shack. Awww yeeeaah.

This view


and this food

Hammonaset State Beachsummer14_4

End summer scene.

And that’s the end of my crazy summer vacation. Of the past ten weeks, I spent almost five weeks away from home:

- Vermont
- Chicago
- Minneapolis
- Los Angeles
- San Francisco
- Camping in CT
- plus a handful of weekend overnights in CT at my mom’s house

I wanted to visit my grandparents in Florida in September but I’m just too tired. Sooo I think that’s it for the next uh… 6 weeks til Columbus Day. Time to finally unpack the suitcase!

Aug 29, 2014

Breaking News

Knowing that I am the resident 30 year old girl-child, many people at work ran up to me to ask me about yesterday’s breaking news story: Hello Kitty is not a cat.

(my homemade mask for a party circa 2009?)

People asked if I’m having an existential crisis because of this news. Answer might be yes. I need some time.

However, I did learn that she is a scorpio! That must be why we are best friendsssss. But really, most of my closest friends have been fellow scorpios. Random fact: I’ve always thought it would be cool to get a tattoo of just Hello Kitty’s bow.

Meanwhile, the chance to see the Hello Kitty museum exhibit adds points to the possibility of doing the LA Marathon…

Aug 28, 2014

Tomato Day

It’s my least favorite time if year. The canning of the tomatoes. This is my 3rd or 4th year doing it and every year I am miserable and tell myself I never want to do it again. It was expensive the first year when I had to buy all of the jars. It’s messy to peel, chop, and seed the tomatoes. Its hot because you have a huge vat of water boiling for hours in August. I also feel guilty about how much water and electricity it uses up. Then the next summer comes around and the tomatoes are so cheap and Brian twists my arm and here I am again. 

The last few years, I’ve done 20 lbs all at once. That’s probably the most that I have patience and space for. The farmers always sell the canning tomatoes at $10 for 10 lbs. I ration them carefully until late spring. this year I haven’t had a full weekend day to do all of that so I just did one 10lb box, on a weeknight even. These jars are about 7 lbs worth:



Oh! The leftover tomato juice from seeding the tomatoes can be used to make bloody marys. Isn’t that cool? The tomatoes that didn’t make it into the jars went into this week’s dinners. A few were used in a cilantro tomato sauce recipe to go with roast chicken. I also threw a few in the oven to slow roast and later they became this tomato tart. Look at that color! No filter.


I tried to make a low calorie version using a low carb tortilla and it was straight up awful FYI.

My canning shelf was empty last month and now it’s filling up again. I don’t like pickles, so year after year, my shelf is just tomatoes and cocktail cherries. Sometimes apple butter & applesauce but that’s not til later. Ahhh is it fall already?



Aug 27, 2014

Magic Mile Update

This weekend I completed my final assignment for the Netflix/Fitness trip – record video clips of myself at home.

Give me an ipad and some airfare and yes, I will strategically place your advertising all over my home.


Making videos was awkward. I will not be launching a Youtube career anytime soon. Some screencaps:



Now I just sit and wait for the magazine to come out.

The other day I needed to do a magic mile run so I headed closer to the coast for a run.


Beautiful day, perfect for a new magic mile record! I finally improved again: 9:34, 5 seconds off my time. This coming weekend I have 8 miles assigned, which will be a challenge since I will be camping. It will be on the coast though, so at least if I have to run on trails it will be flat. Anyone else have fun plans for the holiday?

Aug 25, 2014

San Francisco – coffee and lefties

On my third day in San Francisco, I didn’t have to wake up alone. Brian and I had breakfast at The Mill, a beautiful cafe that also home to a bread company. It was also down the street from our hotel. Seriously, Metro Hotel is the best location.

Their “thing” is pairing different types of toast. For example, I had a multi seed toast with apricot jam. Leave it to San Francisco to make toast into a $4 gourmet thing.


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