Jul 25, 2014

The Hercules Diet

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) as Hercules – was he born to play that role or what? Making the news lately is his crazy Hercules diet, carefully crafted to make his muscles pop AND get him through the physical strain if all those fight scenes.


It’s an insane amount of food: 7 meals and at least 8 oz of meat at every meal!

This is what the food actually looks like and what happens when a normal person tries to eat it.

One fact that I found curious was that his trainer made adjustments to the diet based on body photos. That takes some definitely skill and craft to be able to tailor someone’s diet based on pictures with very small changes.

It’s nice to see what a bodybuilder’s healthy diet would look like. It looks a hell of a lot better than the crap I see “competition prep” people eat.

You know you wanna see the results

Jul 24, 2014

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers

At the recent Craft Brew 5k, in lieu of bag check there were locker rentals via Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a blue trailer. Of lockers. I’ve seen it popping at a lot of races lately so here is everything you need to know in case it shows up at your next race.

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers

Oh and in case you get stuck with a locker on the top row, they have a little stepstool for you. I need that everywhere in life.

You have two size choices: large (12″ x 12″ x 12″) or small (6″ x 6″ x 9″). The night before, I went online and reserved a small size for $4. I was really nervous about taking the risk on the small size because 6 square inches sounds really small I’m sure many other people had the same nervousness so I’m here to tell you it’s gonna be OK. According to their site, a small locker will hold “wallet, set of keys, phones, and a thin layer.” Turns out it was the perfect size.
Here is the little square locker. Looks tiny:

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers
And here it is with a cell phone to show you the scale:

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers
I was able to cram all of this stuff inside: a cuff wallet holding my cash, two phones, a spibelt, two bars, and an extra shirt. I had it all inside my foldable bag. I could have fit another shirt in there if I needed to.


The great thing about the locker is that if there’s a post-race festival, you have in and out privileges. Traditional bag check is nice (and free) but you don’t get that perk.

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers
I put the key in my pocket during the run, but if you didn’t want to do that they can even hold onto the key for you. After the race, I changed my shirt and put my sweaty one back in the locker, then grabbed my phone, snack, and money before heading to the beer festival. It was nice to be able to put a fresh shirt on, and not have to carry anything at the festival.

I think the mobile locker thing is a nice tradeoff. While bag check is usually free, it takes a lot of people and more resources to be able to coordinate it. If a race company can outsource the job for a small fee, they can put the resources towards other aspects of organizing. Another perk is like the airline baggage fee effect: if you’re paying for the rental and you’re limited in size, it forces you to bring less stuff. I think this is a local company but if you happen to see or hear about them for a race, I assure you it’s not as annoying as it sounds.

Jul 21, 2014

Race recap: Craft Brew Races 5k

Craft Brew Races Providence

Yesterday I ran the Craft Brew Races 5k – which actually wasn’t a 5k at all. My first point: The event failed at the sole purpose of a 5k race.

It was a neat idea – the series has a race in each of the New England states with a 5k and a beer festival included in your race fee. I ran the home race here in Providence. The price wasn’t bad either; I think I paid $45 for the early bird price. That may sound steep for a 5k, but when you consider that a beer festival normally costs around $30, the price was reasonable.

The race had an 11 am start time, which sounds a little scary for the middle of July but we were lucky and the temp was really cool that day. That was where our luck ended I guess. Anyway, I got to wake up at a normal time, no rush, and then walked to the race start. I got to the starting area about one hour before gun time, and Brian and I joked about how it didn’t seem like the race would start on time. The starting chutes were just getting set up.

Craft Brew Races Providence

Bib pickup was only offered that morning. The instructions were to look up your bib assignment ahead of time, so that you could just walk up and give them your number. Most races I’ve been to don’t check your actual ID, but you at least had to tell them your name. When Brian went to get his bib, someone had already claimed it! He had to wait and get an unassigned bib # from a manager.

After that was settled, I checked my bag into the locker that I rented and then we hung out at the starting area. So like I said, there was no verification needed to pick up bibs. As we were hanging out, there was a man next to us wearing Timberland boots, some parachute cargo pants, and he was carrying a full backpack and a drawstring bag about the size of a grocery bag. We commented that it was a strange place for him to hang out, until he turned around and I saw that he was wearing bib #1. Ummm. Sorry if I’m “profiling” but I find it hard to believe that this dude intended to run in his timberland boots and also happened to be named Aaron Aanderson or whatever in order to get Bib #1. (sidenote: I looked up the bib listings, and #1 belonged to a woman) After seeing what happened to Brian’s bib, I was annoyed on behalf of whoever got their bib stolen by this rando. And then I was really annoyed because let’s face it: in terms of sports, we are now “post-Boston.” You should not be allowed to hang out in a starting chute with a full backpack and another bag. Especially when we are 1 hour away from Boylston Street. City police and private security were present yet this guy was just chillin.

Eventually he disappeared into the crowd and we waited. And waited. My excitement faded, and my annoyance kept building. Finally, after the pre-recorded national anthem, the race started 35 minutes late. I’m guessing it was due to the construction going on in downtown Providence and having to tweak the race route, but maybe they should have started getting ready earlier. By the way, I had eaten breakfast at 8 am. I need to eat every 3 hours lol, so by the time the race started my sugar was running low and I was hungry and cranky again.

The downtown Providence route is a logistically tough course. It’s the same course I’ve seen for other downtown races, and it’s scenic but very narrow and the streets are full of divots and pot holes.  I had to run the first mile (according to my watch) without walk breaks because it was so narrow, but I held on. When I hit the Mile #1 marker, my watch only said .76 miles. Way off! The people around me also had a similar reading on their phones or watches. I figured it would even out eventually, however when I hit the sign for Mile #2, my watch only said 1.6 miles. That is wayyyy off. I kept my hopes up and paced myself as if I were going 3 actual miles on my garmin. Nope, I was wrong. I crossed the finish line at 2.85 miles on my Garmin. Wah.

Craft Brew Races Providence

The official results show this:


It looks fast but we all know it’s LIES. By the way, Brian was also annoyed when he saw that whoever stole his race number ran slower.

After cooling down, I gobbled a mini Clif bar from my locker and we got our drink on. The first hour was pretty hectic – get in line, get a couple ounces of beer, stay out of peoples’ way. I didn’t take too many pictures because I had to juggle my water bottle and beer cup. Priorities, you know.

Craft Brew Races ProvidenceCraft Brew Races Providence

I wore my Vermont Beer t-shirt so I had to visit the Vermont beer tent:

Craft Brew Races Providence

Carnival Cruises had a tent, and for some reason they had a “Make your own spice rub” bar. I mixed up jerk seasoning and got to take it home:


We took a break to get bulgogi at the Mama Kim’s food truck. Homer drool: riiiiice! I ordered pork but they gave me beef. It just wasn’t my day.


We made it the full 3 hours though and by the end I had a pretty good buzz going. On the way out, we got a nice surprise. They handed us these cool pint glasses:

Craft Brew Races Providence

I liked getting the pint glass instead of a t-shirt, and the bottle opener medals were a nice touch.


  • Poor bib pickup system
  • Lax security
  • Very late start
  • NOT 5k


  • Plenty of beer

I feel bad for whining a lot, and it’s hard to complain when you have a belly full of beer but I can’t get past the fact that they failed at their one sole purpose: to give me a 5 kilometer course. It seems like the company is suffering from first year pains. For the Hampton Beach race, they tried to file a permit 2 weeks before the event. I’m not a professional but that seems odd. Anyway, I hope things get better for the 3 remaining races in the series. We considered signing up for more than one but now I’m glad I didn’t.

Jul 19, 2014

5k Training Update

It’s been 8 weeks since I started coaching by Jeff Galloway, and I HAVE NOT MISSED A SINGLE RUN. That’s unbelievable! Just having his presence forces me to get out there and do something, so that I don’t embarass myself by having to tell him “I didn’t complete my assignment this week.” It’s small but it works.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day because I’m running a 5k! I haven’t run a 5k since March (and that one was awful) This race is not my capital-G Goal race – that is August 2. Tomorrow I won’t push myself to go all out, but I am confident that I will still set a PR. My training goal with Jeff is to improve my 5k time, and it looks like he’s been trying to get me down to a 10:15-10:30 pace for a 5k. My last PR was a time of 35:21, or 11:22 per mile (2 YEARS AGO). I am pretty sure that I can be close to 11:00 per mile and not kill myself. It’s going to be a fun race too: The Craft Brew Races 5k ends at a beer festival and samples are included in the race registration. I’m a little bit nervous about how I’ll perform because I don’t want to be disappointed this close to my goal race.

One week until my L.A trip and I still want to eat everything in sight.

Jul 18, 2014

Review: Weleda Skin Food

When I was on my Midwest trip, I forgot to bring facial moisturizer. It was killing me to know how many different moisturizers and argan oils I had in my cabinet at home, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new one. I headed to Target and picked up Weleda Skin Food. It had been on my mind because I think I read about it in a magazine and it came with many celebrity endorsements. By the way, Target’s price was $18.99 in store and I went to customer service and had them price match it to Amazon for $13.59!!

weleda skin food


I trusted this cream to be natural firstly because it’s made in Germany. The EU has way stricter standards for cosmetics and consumer products than the US, so already I know that a skin product from Europe will be cleaner than something from the US.

The ingredients list is short and clean, with “fragrance” being the only thing questionable:

Weleda skin food ngredients


Sunflower seed oil – Packed with vitamin E, which helps protect the skin from free radicals and sun damage. It’s anti-inflammatory and promotes skin healing. Applying vitamin E on your skin is more effective than relying on diet or dietary supplements.

Pansy extract – Possible skin protecting properties but I can’t find a scientific source.

Rosemary extract – Good for the skin in general but I can’t find a good source to back it up. I know that many home remedies for dandruff/scalp that involve rosemary.

By the way, it’s so cool that on Weleda’s website, you can click on any ingredient in the listing and it gives you information.


This cream is extremely thick – like the texture of a foot cream.

The first time I put it on my hands, for some reason I thought it smelled like cereal milk. Is that crazy? Now that I am used to it, I think it just smells like chamomile tea.


The box says to use it on your hands, feet, and elbow; doesn’t say anything about putting it on your face but I did read a lot of online reviews where people do use it on their face. Also, Victoria Beckham even uses it on her face! I had just started using prescription Retin-A in order to get ready for my trip to L.A. so my skin was really peely and dry. Therefore I wasn’t afraid to try this thick cream on my face. I needed it badly.

The best way to apply it to the face is to rub it into your palms or finger tips first, then smooth your hands over your face. That way it’s not too greasy. At night, I was a little more generous. I didn’t have a problem with using it in the morning and being left with greasy skin, though I did give it more time to settle in. I used it every day for more than a week and I did not have any pimple or blocked pores, so the thickness of the cream was nothing to worry about.

I also tried it on my feet before I went to bed and it was amazing.

Usually hand/body lotions can’t be used on your face, and face creams are too weak or expensive to use anywhere else. Since Skin Food can be used on any body part, it’s an awesome multi-tasker to have in your travel bag. Plus the 2.5 oz tube seems large, but passes the 3-1-1 carry on liquids rule. I was glad to have it on my 3 hour nonstop flight.

Then when I am taking a long flight and putting this cream on I can pretend that I am as famous, special, and beautiful as Rihanna and Adele. Great price, great ingredients, great product.


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