Jul 31, 2014

My Netflix Haul

Alright guys, it’s my first youtube video.

Netflix hooked me up with:
- Herschel Supply Co bag; Herschel Supply is hot these days, so I love this bag. Also, if you ever need to carry a duffle bag of cash, this feels like the perfect size and weight
- Water Bottle
- one year membership to Netflix
- 16gb iPad mini and case

Jul 30, 2014

Los Angeles, Day 2

On my 2nd day in L.A. I stayed in bed as long as I could, which was 6 am (9 on Eastern time). I was secretly really happy that my friend suggested meeting up for coffee since it gave me something to do. I went to nice cafe nearby, Dialog Cafe, where I ordered a flat white since I heard it’s the hot new coffee trend that hasn’t made it east yet. Eh. If you are sad that you don’t have a flat white where you live, wipe your tears and order a cortado. Side view of the foam:
flat white
(pic heavy, keep reading)

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Jul 30, 2014

Los Angeles, Day 1

Ahh! I’m back from my fairytale trip to Los Angeles. Surprisingly, Los Angeles was not as horrible as I imagined it to be. I’m such a snobby East Coaster.

After having a mini panic attack about everything that was about to happen, I left on Saturday morning in luxury, as the PR company sent me a car service to take me to Boston. I got to use car services many times over the next few days and it always made me feel so fancy. I never got to take a picture of the drivers holding a sign with my name though because I thought it would bring down my cool factor.

I arrived in L.A. about 3 pm, and my driver was there waiting to take me to the Chamberlain Hotel. It’s a unassuming but swanky boutique hotel in a quiet residential neighborhood. I later found out from a few different people that celebrities like to stay there because it’s so hidden.

Chamberlain Hotel

The tiny but cute lobby:
Chamberlain Hotel

All rooms are suites. This cozy corner is pretty much the size of my actual living room at home.

Chamberlain Hotel

All rooms also had a balcony but my view was just some air conditioner equipment and the glass walls of a greenhouse or something.

Chamberlain Hotel

The room also had a gas fireplace. I looked all over for a switch or a hole or something to turn it on and couldn’t figure it out.

Chamberlain Hotel

After I unpacked, I walked a couple blocks over to Sunset Boulevard and just explored, window shopped, and people-watched. The shops were fancy but the only people I saw were frumpy tourists. It was cool seeing places that I recognized from TV, movies, and TMZ.

The Chateau Marmont, where tons of illicit things happen. Most people might think of Jim Belushi’s death. I immediately remembered Scarjo banging Benicio Del Toro and Lindsay Lohan banging everyone else. That’s the kind of information I keep in my head. Did James Franco really read her JD Salinger? Swoon.

Sunset Strip

Mel’s Drive-In, or as I remembered it: that place I saw once at Universal Studios.

Sunset Strip

The Sunset Tower Hotel, or what popped into my head as: Oh, that’s like Tower of Terror but in real life. Yeah, all of my references are to fake recreations.

Sunset Strip

No celebrity sightings but I walked by the Sunset Marquis hotel, where a crowd of teenage girls were waiting for a glimpse of 5 Seconds of Summer, an Aussie boy band I had never heard of.

One thing everyone said was how spread out L.A. is, and that was very true. I had one friend who invited me to a pool party in Santa Monica, which was 9 miles west. Without a car, it just wasn’t possible to get out there. Meanwhile, I had bookmarked a party at the MOCA which was 9 miles in the opposite direction. I didn’t feel like spending an hour to get to either one so I gave up. It was starting to get dark so the club-goers were starting to roll up so there wasn’t much else for me to do. Feeling kinda lost, I just went back to the hotel at 9:30 pm. Womp womp.

Going back to the car thing, every time I mentioned to a native L.A.-er that I had been downtown, they were shocked. I had no idea that downtown L.A. was not a thing until very, very recently (less than 10 years). I was talking to one of my limo drivers (hah!) about my thoughts about L.A. so far and how I was fascinated from an urban planning/urban development aspect. He was so cool, and said next time I come back I should hang out downtown more and stay at the Ace Hotel. One car ride and he pegged my hipster steez perfectly.

Here is my list of cool places that I wanted to see/go to/eat in Los Angeles but wasn’t able to for various reasons:

  • Museum of Contemporary Art - I bet it’s killer
  • Korean BBQ – couldn’t eat it because of the photoshoot, plus it’s just not something you’d eat by yourself
  • Korean-Mexican fusion – it just doesn’t exist out east yet
  • A Frame, or any other Roy Choi project
  • Paradocs for espresso; a perfect 5 star average? I must see this
  • Barista Society also for espresso

It happened to be restaurant week, where some really fancy restaurants had $50 menus. I picked some out “just in case”:

Tomorrow I’ll recap Day 2, which covered a LOT of ground.

Jul 25, 2014

The Hercules Diet

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) as Hercules – was he born to play that role or what? Making the news lately is his crazy Hercules diet, carefully crafted to make his muscles pop AND get him through the physical strain if all those fight scenes.


It’s an insane amount of food: 7 meals and at least 8 oz of meat at every meal!

This is what the food actually looks like and what happens when a normal person tries to eat it.

One fact that I found curious was that his trainer made adjustments to the diet based on body photos. That takes some definitely skill and craft to be able to tailor someone’s diet based on pictures with very small changes.

It’s nice to see what a bodybuilder’s healthy diet would look like. It looks a hell of a lot better than the crap I see “competition prep” people eat.

You know you wanna see the results

Jul 24, 2014

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers

At the recent Craft Brew 5k, in lieu of bag check there were locker rentals via Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a blue trailer. Of lockers. I’ve seen it popping at a lot of races lately so here is everything you need to know in case it shows up at your next race.

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers

Oh and in case you get stuck with a locker on the top row, they have a little stepstool for you. I need that everywhere in life.

You have two size choices: large (12″ x 12″ x 12″) or small (6″ x 6″ x 9″). The night before, I went online and reserved a small size for $4. I was really nervous about taking the risk on the small size because 6 square inches sounds really small I’m sure many other people had the same nervousness so I’m here to tell you it’s gonna be OK. According to their site, a small locker will hold “wallet, set of keys, phones, and a thin layer.” Turns out it was the perfect size.
Here is the little square locker. Looks tiny:

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers
And here it is with a cell phone to show you the scale:

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers
I was able to cram all of this stuff inside: a cuff wallet holding my cash, two phones, a spibelt, two bars, and an extra shirt. I had it all inside my foldable bag. I could have fit another shirt in there if I needed to.


The great thing about the locker is that if there’s a post-race festival, you have in and out privileges. Traditional bag check is nice (and free) but you don’t get that perk.

Blue Trailer Mobile Lockers
I put the key in my pocket during the run, but if you didn’t want to do that they can even hold onto the key for you. After the race, I changed my shirt and put my sweaty one back in the locker, then grabbed my phone, snack, and money before heading to the beer festival. It was nice to be able to put a fresh shirt on, and not have to carry anything at the festival.

I think the mobile locker thing is a nice tradeoff. While bag check is usually free, it takes a lot of people and more resources to be able to coordinate it. If a race company can outsource the job for a small fee, they can put the resources towards other aspects of organizing. Another perk is like the airline baggage fee effect: if you’re paying for the rental and you’re limited in size, it forces you to bring less stuff. I think this is a local company but if you happen to see or hear about them for a race, I assure you it’s not as annoying as it sounds.


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