Giveaway: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Happy Friday! Since I came home from #FitblogNYC with a ton of gifts, I thought I’d give you guys a gift too. It’s my very first giveaway! You can enter to win a 2 oz package of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, just like the ones they gave me.

hemp seeds

Although I have 1,000 instagram followers, I need more Twitter friends so all you have to do to enter is add me on Twitter. The rest are optional. You have until Thursday, October 23rd to enter and I will notify you on Friday, October 24.

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Hello from New York – FitBlogNYC


Well, kinda. I got into the city late last night, just in time to go to sleep! Unfortunately I mostly lied awake all night because the street was very noisy and I’m on a steroid pill for a health problem I’m having. Roids! Anyway I’m looking forward to a full day here at #FitblogNYC, a blogger day hosted by Fit eds Magazine. I can’t wait to tell you everything I learned and the swag I pick up!


Columbus Day Eats

It felt so good to have a long weekend at home. So good that I forgot to post yesterday! I chronically over-schedule myself and I literally have to schedule my free time. This week was full of resting, eating, and friend-ing. I found it hard to get back into my running after the half marathon; I skipped my Tues & Thurs runs :( And I ate…. a lot of delicious things.

Thursday night I went to a party, where I ate some of the best tamales I can remember. The catering was from El Rancho Grande.


On Friday, my friend brought me a banh mi sandwich. Ever since I got back from California, I’ve been craving them. This one was made in Providence and it was allllright; it had like half the amount of meat as the sandwiches in San Francisco.


And I put my homemade jalapenos on top.

I worked a full shift on Saturday but afterwards, I went up to Boston to visit friends. I didn’t get a picture, but someone made Momofuku Corn Flakes and Marshmallow Cookies and they were HEAVEN. I need to put these on my to-do list. These cookies will change your life.

Sunday, I finally went running. My assignment was 3 miles, and my friends were running a 5k race downtown, so I ran down to meet them at the finish line:


Afterwards, I hit up a Columbus Day Food Festival. Columbus Day is big here in Providence so Atwells Ave, the Italian neighborhood, puts on a big street fest every year.


Brian had a gigantic meatball sandwich


I eat the same thing every year: a giant fried risotto ball (arancini). If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a ball of risotto that is rolled, breaded, and deep fried. Covered in sauce (“gravy”) and cheese of course.


I don’t usually like cannoli, but I felt like I needed one that day. I guess I was really excited about it.


In between all of the eating, I also slept in late, sat around on the couch, caught up on Netflix, and did some knitting and sewing. I had to get r’nr time before my next 2 weeks of crazy fun. I’m headed to NYC for a 2 days (fun), Phoenix next week (work), then Las Vegas (fun). Unfortunately I won’t have time to eat anything good in New York, but I am looking forward to all of the Mexican food in Phoenix.

Gluten-Free Crackers with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds

I’ve got a review and a recipe for you today! Manitoba Harvest sent me a package of their Hemp Hearts (hemp seeds) to try out. I’ve never had hemp seeds, so I was curious about how they taste and how to use them.
hemp hearts

Why eat hemp seeds?

  • They are packed with omega fatty acids
  • They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals
  • They are a complete vegetarian protein and contain a whopping 10 grams of protein per serving (about 2 Tbsp). Complete proteins can be difficult for vegetarians to get
  • Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts are verified non-GMO

First of all, let’s get this out of the way. Hemp is a species of cannabis sativa but it is not the same as what we know as marijuana. Cannabis grown for “other” use is chemically different than the cannabis grown for textiles, home products, and food. The hemp seeds contain .001% THC and they will not trigger a positive drug test.  Edible hemp products are a growing industry because it was only fairly recently (within the last 10 years?) that the Canadian & US governments gave the thumbs up to let us cultivate the species for eating.

Eaten plain, they just taste like most seeds/nuts but with a more earthy, grassier flavor. They were also not crunchy like I expected – they’re kinda soft since they are raw. I originally wanted to make brownies with them, because *wink* but once I tasted them I didn’t think it would fit. It seems like a lot of people eat them in smoothies or sprinkled in salads. I looked through their recipes for ideas on what to make and saw that I already had the ingredients to make these cool gluten-free hemp crackers. They are surprisingly fast and easy to make.

hemp crackers

PS – Try some hemp seeds yourself. Order from the Manitoba Harvest store using coupon code HHSweatPink for 20% off.

Recipe for Hemp Crackers below…

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Best Time to Buy Workout Clothes

When is the best time to find deals on workout clothes? RIGHT NOW.

In January, the workout clothes get put out front & center while people are in New Year’s Resolution mode. Then spring comes in, and the gear is still expensive because sports seasons pick up and people start getting out more. But summer is winding down and all of that stuff is on clearance now.

Buying brand new is expensive as hell. When I first started becoming active I was shocked at how much fitness clothing was. Even before I knew about what made workout clothes so special, I was much more comfortable in compression leggings and moisture wicking tops than wearing sweats and cotton. Although I couldn’t afford to buy a whole wardrobe or even a full outfit at one time, I patiently waited for rock bottom deals and built up my drawer of workout clothes piece by piece. I am always on the lookout for the cheapest deal, even when it’s a cheap brand like Old Navy.


I got 5 tops from Old Navy for under $25 total. They were $7.50 each, and I added some coupons. Woohoo. I am set for tanks until next year. I’ve also been eyeing galaxy printed stuff all year, and I scored those leggings for $17. 

Sidenote: Not all cheap brands are created equal. I actually do not like the Champion/C9 brand from Target. The fabrics are thinner and scratchier than Old Navy and they are always more expensive.

Fall is also the best time to buy a bike, because many shops close up for winter so they will spend the last couple months trying to sell off as much inventory as possible. 

One thing that I still “need” is a lightweight, reflective, warm running jacket for evening winter runs. Those types of fancy jackets cost a fortune, never go on sale, and always fit me weird. It was hard dressing for running in 20 degrees during last year’s marathon training, so I always ended up wearing the same 2 tops and a Target fleece on top. If I keep up with winter running again, I might actually have to throw down big bucks on some real stuff. But you know what will happen right? I’ll spend a ton on high tech cold weather gear and then I will get news that I’m moving somewhere warm.