2015 Marine Corps Marathon

I’m in!!!



I tried to start back up with running about 2 weeks ago, and it’s been hard. Yesterday I did a run/walk of 3 miles and it felt like I would never be able to race a 5k ever again. And now I’m committed to 26+ miles! It’s crazy how 2 years of running plus a 3 month break can set me back to zero.

Oh well, no turning back. See you in October!

PS Could I be living in DC by then? It’s a possibility.



Is Fabletics Worth it? My full review

I’m sure you guys have seen the ads for Fabletics – a workoutwear subscription service, and their hook is that your first outfit is only $25. The ads talked me into it, so I had to try it out. For research, of course. First, I’ll show you what it was like to shop, the outfit I received, and then a little tip at the end for hacking the system. (post contains referral links)

First the fun part, the shopping. I registered, answered a few questions about my style and activities, and I was shown a page of recommended outfits. Yes, I quickly found that a $25 was almost too good to be true. There were about 15 outfits to choose from in the $25 category. Those outfits were mostly pretty basic, and came with a top and bottom. But even if you picked an outfit you liked, a lot of sizes were “sold out”. I had a hard time choosing an outfit that interested me AND was available in my size. I wanted something exciting, not just plain black capris and a solid tank because I can get that anywhere. I also didn’t want a cotton shirt because I didn’t think that was a good value. I ended up choosing this outfit:


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Travel Trac Bike Trainer and a Home Bike Workout

I didn’t think I’d like the bicycle trainer as much as I do.

indoor bike trainer - Travel Trac Comp Mag

For the record, this model is the Travel Trac Comp Mag Trainer.

These are our bikes, on a rack in my living room. Yes, I have to keep my bikes between my couch and the table where I eat. That’s just what you do when you live in a little urban apartment.


I don’t have a regular sized dining table, so I can set it up in my living room like this.


(That’s Brian’s ride)

But we’ve also figured out that the setup fits exactly into the laundry room, so I can do it in there and be able to close the door.

One of the major questions I had about a bike trainer: is it loud? Depends on how you define loud. I feel like it’s about the same amount of noise as a washing machine. We’d only be using this for short workouts; it seems like many serious bikers use their trainers for 1 hour+ practice rides. In that case, I think it would be annoying if you live in an apartment and you’re hogging the entire living space for 1 or 2 hours. But for short bursts or if you had it in a basement, it shouldn’t be a bother.

Of course, there’s “noise” and then there’s the vibration from riding. I can imagine the vibrating being annoying to a tenant who lives down stairs. That’s part of the reason for the mat. You need it to protect your floors and to help dampen noise. Luckily my downstairs neighbors listens to music and watches TV loudly so I don’t feel guilty one bit. She might not even notice.

My second major question about the bike trainer was: is it really annoying to set up? On a scale from 1-10, 10 being most inconvenient, I’d give it a 5. The steps:

  • Unroll the mat
  • One motion to unfold the trainer (that part is easy)
  • Put the riser block where the front tire would be
  • Take bike off wall
  • Unscrew the pin from the bike’s tire and put in the special pin that goes with the trainer
  • Turn a knobs to open the roller that is holding up the back tire. Set bike in place, while also setting the front tire on the block, then tighten the knob
  • Align the tire with the pins that hold the side, and tighten those knobs
  • Turn knob to adjust resistance.

It’s a little more difficult for me because I’m very inexperienced with bikes, and I have short arms so it’s awkward for me to reach around and hold this while doing that. It takes me 10 minutes, and then I gotta do the whole thing in reverse. Then again, 20 minutes to set up/breakdown was better than 30+ minutes it takes me to drive 2 miles to the gym during rush hour or snowstorms. If you have a house, you could just leave it set up all the time.

What else can you do besides ride your bike while watching Netflix? How about a full body interval workout. You can’t really do that at the gym.

At-Home Workout for Your Bike Trainer

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Big News #1 – I am back to running. My mood has improved a ton already.

Asians doing a happy dance.
I wrote up a training plan for myself based on my work with Jeff + some marathon plans. Last week, I did three treadmill workouts:
2 x 400 meters
4 x 200 meters
3 mile slow
This week’s workouts:
4 x 400 m
bike cardio
3 x 800 m
We are having a “heat wave” so I did my 400m meters outdoors! There is a long, wide street that has a parking lane plus a bike lane, so actually a lot of people were jogging in the bike lane with me. Brian even asked me, “Why are you so happy?” Duh, because I ran outside for the first time since December. Man I never thought I’d be one of those people. I hope it doesn’t rain on Sunday when I do the 800m.
I’m not sure what next week’s weather will be, but as long as it’s above 30 and the ice stays melted, I will be able to continue outside. The only time I can get to the gym is during peak hours after work, so I won’t be able to hog the treadmill for more than 30 minutes.
Big news #2 – I started using an indoor bike trainer which will add a whole new element to doing cardio at home.
indoor bike trainer - Travel Trac Comp Mag
Big news #3 – The Marine Corps Marathon lottery opens today and I AM ENTERING.

Featured in Self Magazine

Oh! I can’t believe that I was so blahhhh in January that I forgot to show you this cool thing that happened to me. I was quoted in the January issue of Self Magazine!!!


Self Magazine did a story about following your dreams and asked women, “What dream would you follow if nothing was stopping you?”


I gave a long, contextualized answer about how everyone has something to offer, so I’d travel to poverty-stricken places and ask what they want or need. It’s interesting how the editing process works because I wrote a few paragraphs and they chopped it down to one line that summarized everything I said. And yes, they did clear it with me to make sure it was ok.

Now I can say that I’ve been in two fitness magazines!