Hello, DCA

It’s been a crazy month and the last two weeks were even crazier. I’ve officially moved out of my apartment in Rhode Island, left my old office, and I’m here in DC waiting for a new chapter to start.

In the meantime, I’m feeling like a flat blob due to nonstop going-away dinners with different people. I am terrified to see what the scale says; I’m probably the heaviest I’ve been in more than year. Lucky me, these pounds are here just in time for my trip to Hawaii in two weeks. Life fail.

On my drive down the mid-Atlantic, I made a detour through Pennsylvania because I wanted to see Amish folks. I thought about taking a tour or visiting a tourist attraction “museum” but they all sounded really stupid. So, I picked a couple of random places to stop and took sideroads to get there. Mission accomplished, I drove through and saw Amish people going about their daily business.

amish buggy

I also saw many horse-drawn buggies! I felt sorry for these people that they’re just trying to live their life, struggling against modernity, while jerk tourists (yes I include myself) are here inserting themselves in their lives and gawking at them.

I arrived in DC on Tuesday and am camped at a hotel until further notice. It’s been a week since the movers picked up my belongings and they haven’t been able to give me an exact day of when they’re going to deliver it all. All I have is a 10 day window, when I have to make myself available to be there when it’s delivered, even though I’ll only get 24 hours notice. I’m stressing out to the max, especially since I have to go to work on the 10th day. It’s killing me that I get all these days off of work and I can’t enjoy it because I’m stressing about setting up my new house and stalking the moving truck.

Until then, let me know if you have any ideas on things that I must do in DC and VA!

Empty House

I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since I last posted. A ton of stuff has happened since then:
One, I survived a 17 mile long run. At first I thought, holy crap I’m going to run a marathon. But after you read the rest of this, I don’t know if I’ll still be in shape for the marathon, which is like 10 WEEKS AWAY.
Two, I’ve been busy prepping for my move to DC – apartment hunting, tons of phone calls to make arrangements, draining my savings account, and learning my new job which I’m doing via telework. While I was not happy about having to go to DC all last week when I had so many things to do at home, at least I found an apartment (I think; fingers crossed).
Three, prepping for my husband’s move to Texas :( That’s right. A week after I got my offer, Brian got an offer for one year, possibly two year stint in Dallas that he couldn’t refuse. We are embarking on a long distance marriage. We are also super lucky that a round trip flight between our two cities is about $150, and I think we’ll be able to work that into our budgets. I am also lucky that I already have a couple of close friends living in DC, or else I would have a really really hard time moving to a new city alone.
With these two moves, we’ve also had to fit in endless goodbyes and dinners with friends and family. It makes me sad to be leaving my people, these communities that we’ve grown close to over the past 7 years in Rhode Island, and almost my whole life in CT/MA. I feel kind of guilty that between the stress of preparing to move, losing my roommate & bestie, lack of sleep, and general depression about saying goodbye – sometimes I don’t feel all that present when I’m spending time with people. I don’t think I’ve gotten a good night of sleep for three weeks.
Brian packed up the car and left this morning, so I’ll be in bed all day with box of tissues. I just need to get over this hump before I go back to focusing on my own adventure, which starts in two weeks.
so I wait for you like a lonely house
till you will see me again and live in me.
Till then my windows ache.
– pablo neruda

New Adventures

This weekend was a short run on the schedule, so I had a lot of free time and it turned out to be the perfect Rhode Island summer weekend. My perfect weekend kicked off Friday afternoon, when an Uber car dropped off free ice cream sandwiches right to my house. These weren’t just Drumsticks, they were giant cookie-wiches from our local ice cream shop.

Uber Ice Cream

After work, I met some friends for dinner at Mei Mei in Boston. I’ve been hearing the buzz about this place for a long time so I’m glad I finally went because they have a really fun menu. This is their signature item, the Double Awesome – a scallion pancake with a fried egg, pesto, and cheddar inside.


Then we capped off the night at Publick House. By the way, we drove into the city and found street parking, but didn’t have any change. We were running late for dinner so we just risked it. It’s only fitting that the city of Boston left me a parting gift:


It was only $25, so I consider that generous.

On Saturday, my friends hosted an Olympics games competition. I was a referee in the kayaking event but I also tried out hula hooping:


I would not have scored highly. It was also a gorgeous day to be at the beach, as you can see.

After the Olympics, a quick nap at home and then we met up with friends for a minor league baseball game. This guy was there, but he decided not to dance that day.


Then on Sunday, I had zero plans. Zero! And I loved it. I just lazed around the house and I didn’t even do any chores. It was glorious. This perfect weekend turned out to be one of many upcoming goodbyes to my New England, because earlier that week I got some huge news: I accepted a job in Washington, DC. I will be out of this apartment on August 31.

In January, I set a goal for myself that I’d move to DC by December. I’ve been traveling to DC a lot this summer for work, and worked in a lot of networking meetings while I was there. I didn’t expect to get the first job I applied for, so I beat my deadline by a longshot.

I’m feeling all of the feels right now. Other than 2 years in college in New Orleans and my  summer internship, I’ve lived in New England (CT/MA/RI) with seven years in Providence. I love this little city, and could live here here forever but there was no more room for career growth. I’m taking the plunge now while there’s no house or kid to worry about. Bear with me, cuz the next 5 weeks of my #FarewellTour will be full of sentimental-ness, goodbyes, and “This is the last time I’ll ever _____”.

Goodbye Rhode Island, hello new adventures.

Senator selfies and marathon updates

I’m nearly at the halfway point of Marine Corps Marathon training. I’ve already done a 14.5 mile long run, and have a 17 coming up next week. It’s so close!
The weather the past couple of weeks has not been very hospitable for running – the air has been so thick and humid, it’s like running through mud. When I did my 14 miler, it was 85 degrees by the time I finished. I got a little heat-break during a mid-week running group run, where we ran through a thunderstorm. Fun times.
I was recently in DC and stayed at the Fairmont hotel, where they offer a service where you can rent workout clothes. I try to bring only a carry-on for a week long trip, so every bit of space helps and I was excited to try it out. Plus it was only $10 per stay, and you get to keep the socks. The package included a top, capri pants, socks and sneakers all by Reebok.
Nothing crazy and fashion-forward, since they have to appeal to everyone. I thought the pants were very mom-ish and wouldn’t have picked these out in the store, but I guess they looked okay.
Fairmont Fit outfit
I thought the purple/yellow combo on the shirt was cute; another thing I wouldn’t have picked for myself. The shirt was flattering, so I’d buy it from the sale rack, but not for the $40 full price they were asking. In the morning, I just left the worn clothes in the basket they came in, and housekeeping replaced them with new clothes when I came back after work. Pretty cool. Definitely worth the money. I wasn’t sure what to do with the socks – would they wash them? Would they charge me $10 again? So I just washed them myself in the sink.
I didn’t mean for this to turn into a review, so here’s a selfie from last week I met beloved Senator & former Newark Mayor Cory Booker. He’s the nicest guy and selfies are his thing:
cory booker selfie

Vegan Green Tea Cupcakes with Midori Spring Matcha

Hey guys! It’s good to be home. I was on travel and even though it feels like forever since I’ve had a home cooked meal (ok, a little over a week) I really wanted to bake something.

The folks at Midori Spring sent me their Organic Matcha Powder to review, and I knew I had to bake something with it.

midori spring matcha powder

** I received this product for review, though all opinions are my own. **

I don’t know about you, but I love anything Green Tea flavored. I’ve just never tried making it myself until now. The day after I got home, I put together this recipe for Vegan Green Tea Cupcakes with Coconut Glaze.

I made it vegan simply because I came home from a trip and didn’t need to buy any eggs or milk. On its own, the tea has a soft matcha flavor with a hint of almond/nutty flavor which is why I paired it with almond and coconut. If you don’t have almond extract, you can just use vanilla but I think almond is the best complement. The powder is very finely milled but you should definitely sift it when you are baking, just to make sure it distributes evenly.


Vegan Green Tea Cupcakes with Coconut Glaze

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