Fall In

This is my obligatory New England fall post.

Sunday was my first long run since the half marathon. Suddenly overnight, it officially became fall. My running path looked like this:


So pretty but a little nervous about running over leaves-on-asphalt, which can get slippery. I did 13 loooong and slow miles. The scenery was pretty and all, but you can only think about colors for you know, the first two hours.


This was my longest training run yet under Coach Jeff’s plan. Thirteen miles at a slow pace of 15:00/mi (15 secs run / 45 secs walk) was mentally rough. It just never seemed to end. Jeff is right though about your recovery being so much better when you go that slow. I felt fine afterwards, fine enough to get the family together and go on a little 2 mile hike to enjoy the foliage. My legs also felt fine when I got on the plane the next day. Back to hiking though, we borrowed a kid for the day too:


This was Stratton Brook State Park in Connecticut. The park also has a great, flat, straight, soft, walking path that would be perfect for running but it’s a little too far out of the way for me to justify driving there just to run. Oooh also in the fall theme, I baked oatmeal-raisin-chai cookies, which made the house smell all deliciously spicy and warm. I haven’t baked goodies in a very long time and I think I’m starting to lose my touch. Those cookies were a really good post-run snack too.

I think everyone kinda has at least one “quintessential fall day” and I think that was it for me. Cross it off the list, task done. Well sorta. I still need to bake pumpkin things! The rest of my weekends are spoken for and it’ll be winter snowstorms before you know it. I’ve already blown through fall and now I’m sitting in the total opposite – 90 degrees and loving it.

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Recap: FitBlog NYC 2014

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend Fitness Magazine’s Meet & Tweet, aka #FitBlogNYC. I had a blast, found new inspiration, and walked off with new friends and a pile of gifts.

The event was held at the Mercedes Club, a gorgeous luxury gym that I can only dream about. We were welcomed with a tasty light breakfast spread as we waited for the panels to start.


As people arrived, I felt a little out of place because many of the women knew each other, but there were just as many people who didn’t have a “crew” so I did my best to meet people.

My top take-aways from FitBlog NYC Panels

Holly Rilinger, basketball player and personal trainer speaking about fitness success

  • If you are short on time, maximize your results with resistance training
  • Don’t forget about the after-burn effect, where your body is still burning calories even after the workout is over
  • Be consistent: schedule your workouts (and sleep!) the way you would schedule meetings or any other committment. Do not cancel!
  • We don’t train just to lose weight. There is a joy factor

Marci Goolsby, MD, speaking about sports injuries

  • Know good pain vs bad pain. If it affects your gait, STOP
  • When injured, you can keep up your fitness level by doing low impact activities such as cycling or swimming
  • Symptoms of over-training – a weak immune system, not getting your period, performance drops off, resting heart rate rises. None of these are “normal” and you should get them checked out
  • If you need to get checked out, feel free to see your primary care physician first. They will let you know if you should be referred to a sports specialist
  • My favorite part was when we talked about women-specific ailments. Missed periods (NOT normal), bladder control (kegels!), and pregnancy (keep training!). We rarely get to talk about these topics in an open forum so that alone felt empowering

Carla Hall, Top Chef, about food and happiness

  • It’s not your job to be rich, it’s your job to be happy
  • Be open to learning. Want a job in the food industry? Meet people, work catering events, volunteer to intern
  • On making ethnic foods healthier: The side dishes at her upcoming restaurant will be vegetarian because she doesn’t want to ignore the reality that diabetes affects the African-American community. However, don’t give away too much power in exchange for being healthy. Leave some of the fat in, for the sake of community and authenticity
  • What do you need to cook good healthy food? A good nonstick pan, a silpat for oven frying, and SPICES

Blogger Panel: Lisa Held, Anne Mauney, Bianca Jade, Laura Sykora

  • It’s ok to be inspired by other people but make it your own. Look at what others are doing and find a gap
  • Keep learning: take continuing education courses, follow online tutorials to learn technical skills that will make your blog successful
  • Don’t partner with brands that don’t make sense
  • Be authentic; accept that not everyone will like you
  • Collaborate with other women. Grow with them. You can’t get anywhere alone

The positive messages in their panels were specific to fitness and blogging, but you can apply them to to your life no matter what your passion is. Feel good about yourself, feel good about what you do, and be positive. The panelists did a great job on driving that point home.

The timing of the events were just perfect. The panels were not too long, and the breakfast were long enough for you use the bathroom or wait in line for photos but not long enough to start getting bored or distracted. I met Betty Wong, editor of Fitness Magazine and told her that I was in the issue. I’m a nerd.


Lunch was amazing. If someone cooked like this for me all the time, losing weight would be easy.


After lunch, I visited the sponsor booths and chatted with their reps about the new stuff they showed us.


They were incredibly generous.fitblog201406

Since I was jetting for a big trip as soon as I got home, some of these goodies went straight into my suitcase – the Reebok sneakers, Pacifica face wipes, Dermalogica SPF 50 sample (I will be in the desert after all), OCC Lip Tar, and tons of snacks. I normally do a shopping trip to stock up on travel snacks and this time I didn’t have to because I had like 5 lbs of food in the gift bag.FitblogNYC

I can’t thank the sponsors and the magazine enough for this opportunity.

Walking into the event, I was very intimidated. As a new-ish “capital” B-Blogger – moving from writing about my feelings to something more professionalized, I didn’t know anyone there, and it seemed like lots of women already knew each other. I read a lot of health and fitness blogs, but I didn’t really feel like I was “in” with the crowd or had many virtual friends.

However, one of the first panels mentioned that people are friendly, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and make community. It was so true. I couldn’t be the only person there who knew everyone. I saw some familiar faces of blogs on my reader feed, but I also met a lot of new people and added about 20 new blogs to my reader. There were other bloggers there who I was familiar with but didn’t have enough time to meet them all. I can’t wait to start being a part of that community, meeting more bloggers, and maybe looking to open more doors in the blogging world.

Giveaway: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

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Hello from New York – FitBlogNYC


Well, kinda. I got into the city late last night, just in time to go to sleep! Unfortunately I mostly lied awake all night because the street was very noisy and I’m on a steroid pill for a health problem I’m having. Roids! Anyway I’m looking forward to a full day here at #FitblogNYC, a blogger day hosted by Fit eds Magazine. I can’t wait to tell you everything I learned and the swag I pick up!


Columbus Day Eats

It felt so good to have a long weekend at home. So good that I forgot to post yesterday! I chronically over-schedule myself and I literally have to schedule my free time. This week was full of resting, eating, and friend-ing. I found it hard to get back into my running after the half marathon; I skipped my Tues & Thurs runs :( And I ate…. a lot of delicious things.

Thursday night I went to a party, where I ate some of the best tamales I can remember. The catering was from El Rancho Grande.


On Friday, my friend brought me a banh mi sandwich. Ever since I got back from California, I’ve been craving them. This one was made in Providence and it was allllright; it had like half the amount of meat as the sandwiches in San Francisco.


And I put my homemade jalapenos on top.

I worked a full shift on Saturday but afterwards, I went up to Boston to visit friends. I didn’t get a picture, but someone made Momofuku Corn Flakes and Marshmallow Cookies and they were HEAVEN. I need to put these on my to-do list. These cookies will change your life.

Sunday, I finally went running. My assignment was 3 miles, and my friends were running a 5k race downtown, so I ran down to meet them at the finish line:


Afterwards, I hit up a Columbus Day Food Festival. Columbus Day is big here in Providence so Atwells Ave, the Italian neighborhood, puts on a big street fest every year.


Brian had a gigantic meatball sandwich


I eat the same thing every year: a giant fried risotto ball (arancini). If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a ball of risotto that is rolled, breaded, and deep fried. Covered in sauce (“gravy”) and cheese of course.


I don’t usually like cannoli, but I felt like I needed one that day. I guess I was really excited about it.


In between all of the eating, I also slept in late, sat around on the couch, caught up on Netflix, and did some knitting and sewing. I had to get r’nr time before my next 2 weeks of crazy fun. I’m headed to NYC for a 2 days (fun), Phoenix next week (work), then Las Vegas (fun). Unfortunately I won’t have time to eat anything good in New York, but I am looking forward to all of the Mexican food in Phoenix.